Yosef Sabo, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences (in Medicine) at CUMC
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Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences (in Medicine) at CUMC


  • Hebrew

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BSc, 2005 Tel-Aviv University
  • MSc, 2006 Tel-Aviv University
  • PhD, 2011 Tel-Aviv University

Honors & Awards

  • 2018: The Daniel Wolf prize for the best poster presented at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Retroviruses annual meeting.
  • 2018: Career development award; The Center for HIV-1 RNA Studies (CRNA), which is part of the NIGMS-supported Specialized Centers for HIV/AIDS-Related Structural Biology.
  • 2010: Best lecture award for outstanding PhD candidate; Virology retreat joint meeting of Tel-Aviv University and the Hebrew University.
  • 2010: The Constantiner Travel Scholarship for promising young scientists.
  • 2009/2010: The Ela Kodesz Institute Travel Scholarship for promising young scientists.
  • 2009: Excellence in Research and Teaching Award; Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • 2007: Excellence in Research and Teaching Award; Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Life Sciences.


Extending our understanding of viral replication strategies is of immediate and direct value: it will help in deciphering viral involvement in human diseases and will contribute to the development of new treatments. Because viruses exploit and modify many cellular pathways to increase their replication fitness, understanding viruses will enhance our knowledge of cellular mechanisms, pathways, and regulation.

The focus of the Sabo Lab is to expand our understanding of cellular host factors and their interaction with specific infecting viral pathogens–HIV-1 and the human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV). Specifically, the lab is interested in finding new host factors that take part in regulating intracellular trafficking of viral/cellular proteins that are complexed with viral RNA or DNA. The lab is interested in cellular pathways that affect viral nucleocytoplasmic RNA export as well as cellular cytoskeleton-associated proteins that regulate viral assembly. Currently, two main research projects are being conducted:

Investigation of the cellular trafficking pathways of protein and RNA/DNA complexes, and the mechanisms by which HIV-1 exploits these pathways for its replication advantage.

Identifying new host factors negatively or positivity affecting the replication of HRSV, the most common pathogen of severe airway disease in infants and young children.

Selected Publications

  • Sabo, Y, de Los Santos K, and Goff S P, 2020. IQGAP1 Negatively Regulates HIV-1 Gag Trafficking and Virion Production. Cell Rep 30, 4065-4081 e4064.
  • Lee, A, Zhu Y, Sabo Y, Goff S P, 2019. Embryonic Cells Redistribute SUMO1 upon Forced SUMO1 Overexpression. mBio 10(6).
  • Lee A, Cingöz O, Sabo Y, Goff S P, 2018. Characterization of interaction between Trim28 and YY1 in silencing proviral DNA of Moloney murine leukemia virus. Virology. 516: p. 165-175. • Chai Q, Jovasevic V, Malikov V, Sabo Y, Morham S, Walsh D and Naghavi M H, 2017. HIV-1 Gag counteracts an innate restriction imposed by amyloid precursor protein resulting in neurodegeneration. Nature Communications. 8(1):1522.
  • Zhu Y, Luo S, Sabo Y, Wang C, Tong L, Goff S. P., 2017. Heme Oxygenase 2 Binds Myristate to Regulate Retrovirus Assembly and TLR4 Signaling. Cell Host & Microbe. 21(2): p. 220-230.
  • Danziger O, Shai B, Sabo Y, Bacharach E, Ehrlich M, 2016. Combined genetic and epigenetic interferences with interferon signaling expose prostate cancer cells to viral infection. Oncotarget. 7(32):p. 52115-52134.
  • Sabo Y, Walsh D, Barry D. S, Tinaztepe S, de los Santos K, Goff S P, Gundersen G G, and Naghavi M H, 2013. HIV-1 induces the formation of stable microtubules to enhance early infection. Cell Host & Microbe. 14(5): p. 535-46.
  • Mayrose I, Stern A, Burdelova E. O, Sabo Y, Laham-Karam N, Zamostiano R, Bacharach E, and Pupko T., 2013. Synonymous site conservation in the HIV-1 genome. BMC Evol Biol. 13:p. 164.
  • Sabo Y, Ehrlich M, and Bacharach E., 2011. The conserved YAGL motif in human metapneumovirus is required for higher-order cellular assemblies of the matrix protein and for virion production. J Virol. 85(13):6594-609.
  • Sabo Y, Laham-Karam N, and Bacharach E., 2008. Basal budding and replication of the murine leukemia virus are independent of the gag L domains. J Virol. 82(19):9770-5.