Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center supplies state of the art capacity for cell analysis and sorting. Our primary mission is to constantly upgrade and adapt to existing conditions and new technologies.

Becton Dickinson LSR II

The BD LSR II is an air-cooled 4-laser bench top flow cytometer with the ability to acquire parameters for a 13 color experiment. It uses fixed-alignment lasers that transmit light reflected by mirrors through a flow cell to octagon and trigon detector arrays. These detectors collect and translate fluorescent signals into electronic signals. Instrument electronics convert these signals into digital data.


The facility houses a Becton Dickinson FACScalibur 2-laser cell analyzer, capable of 4-color fluorescence data acquisition.

Analysis Workstation

There are advanced 8-core MacPros available for data analysis and a SGI octane workstation.


  • Imaris "Surpass" Volume rendering in 3D and 4D, surface rendering, measurements, colocalization, slipping planes, 4D tracking
  • SoftWoRx Deconvolution, volume rendering, surface rendering and quantification
  • ModFit LT. This is a DNA analysis software featuring AutoDebris, AutoAggregates, AutoLinearity and batch processing
  • FloJo Flow Cytometry Analysis software
  • NIS Elements (Nikon) Image processing software

MoFlo Sorter

A Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP high-performance cell sorter is available, configured with 3 lasers and currently capable of acquiring 15 colors of fluorescence simultaneously. Lasers include a Coherent 200mw Sapphire laser emitting 488nm light, a Coherent 100mw Cube emitting 640nm and a Coherent 100mw Cube emitting 405nm.

The sorter combines an historic sorting reliability with cutting edge engineering and proven performance. Enhanced light collection and filter designs optimize the sensitivity required of a high-end sorter. Intuitive software for easy and quick sort set up and analysis.

Biacore T200

The Biacore T200 is a versatile, label-free system for detailed studies of biomolecular interactions, from early research to drug discovery and development, and on to QC. The system delivers high quality kinetic, affinity, concentration, specificity, selectivity, and thermodynamic interaction data–in real time with exceptional sensitivity. Interactions characterized by on and off-rates at the extremities of the kinetic scale can be analyzed.

Nikon Eclipse TS300 Inverted Microscope

Filter sets for GFP+DsRed or CFP+YFP, a Spot Insight QE color digital camera for brightfield and fluorescence imaging.

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop1000

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop1000 Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate UV/Vis analyses of 1 ul samples. The sample retention system eliminates the need for cuvettes and capillaries which decreases the measurement cycle time. In addition, the high absorbance capability eliminates the need for most dilutions.