Microscope Imaging Facility

The Microscopic Imaging Facility at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center supplies facilities for live-cell deconvolution microscopy. The facility houses an Applied Precisions DeltaVision restoration microscope, utilizing an Olympus IX-70 inverted microscope platform. This microscope system is contained in a BSL-3 facility for work with infectious material. A Bioptechs Focht Live-Cell Chamber system (FCS2) is available for continuous observation of living cells on the DeltaVision microscope. Oil and water immersion objectives are available for work in various cell culture conditions.

DeltaVision Microscope

The DeltaVision Microscope is based upon a standard fluorescence microscope, with the addition of precision X, Y, and Z stage control. After finding and focusing on a field of interest, the DeltaVision system is set up by the investigator to automatically acquire a number of images (image stack) while the system mechanically focuses through the cell at precise intervals.